Breakout Rooms 101

By Catriona Tierney An IMS guide to one of Zoom’s Top Features As many teachers know already, there are so many great aspects to Zoom that make using it for the virtual classroom so much easier. From Waiting Rooms to Passcode Protection and Screen Sharing options to Meeting locks there are an array of brilliant features that[…]

Zoom Robot – A Classroom Game Changer

One exciting product which is set to revolutionise the online experience particularly in the education sector is the Zoom Robot. Over the last year, teachers have had to get to grips with a whole new way of teaching with the virtual classroom environment taking centre stage because of Covid 19. The technology behind virtual learning was always[…]

Top 10 Myths about Zoom in Education

By Catriona Tierney Did you know that meeting hosts on Zoom can listen in on you, even when you’re muted! Actually, that’s not true at all, but it is just one of the many myths circulating out there that we’re going to help debunk for you here in our Top 10 Myths about Zoom in Education. Big[…]