Zoom Robot – A Classroom Game Changer

One exciting product which is set to revolutionise the online experience particularly in the education sector is the Zoom Robot.

Over the last year, teachers have had to get to grips with a whole new way of teaching with the virtual classroom environment taking centre stage because of Covid 19.

The technology behind virtual learning was always coming down the line but the pandemic simply sped up the process and meant a lot of teachers had to transition quickly & adapt to whole new way of remote learning.

The great news is that the Zoom Robot will help to make this experience even easier and more effective as teachers will have more physical control of the virtual environment and students will get to enjoy a more interactive experience as they follow their teacher’s movements.

Here comes the technical bit….

To put it simply the Zoom Robot is an exciting new audiovisual kit, allowing you to connect your iPad, tablet, iphone or android smartphone to a rotating console which then sits on a tripod.

The Zoom Robot is the perfect partner to any Zoom class, allowing teachers to interact with students while staying within the view of the iPad/tablet’s camera at all times.

The expertly designed console can rotate the iPad/tablet up to 360 degrees to follow the teacher who also wears a microphone on a lanyard which is synced to the device. (it can also stay stationary if needed.) 

This means the teacher can be hands free to write on a white board, share slides from their laptop and move about their environment freely (which would be of particular benefit to Science, Maths and PE teachers or any educators who need to move around a lot more throughout classes.

The brilliance of the Zoom Robot is that it can track you throughout the class following your movements and picking up high quality audio via an infra red signal sent from the device to the lanyard allowing for a much more natural range of sound and motion with the teacher always in frame.

The kits also include additional microphones that can connect to the platform which can allow students in a traditional classroom setting to be heard easily by students who may have to attend via Zoom or if it is the teacher who needs to connect remotely to the class.

This gives the students watching a much clearer picture of what is happening in your classroom, helping everyone involved feel more connected.

The Cost of Greatness….

Because you’ll be using your own iPad/tablet or smartphone as the camera this also makes the Zoom Robot a low-cost concept that will help transform your teaching experience. This makes it an exciting addition to the hybrid experience which is now a vital part of Education going forward.

In addition to the device and tripod, lightning connector, lanyard and microphones the Zoom Robot also comes with a handy case which will keep it secure as you travel from home to the classroom.

More technology to deal with?

For teachers already juggling so much already with the introduction of the virtual classroom, you might be worried that this is another technological task you’ll have to spend ages mastering but the opposite is in fact true.

Not only is the Zoom Robot a powerful tool that allows teachers to be more creative and engaging and will revolutionise your virtual classes but it is also very easy to use and will ultimately make your teaching experience easier.

Setting up the Zoom Robot takes only a few minutes, you just connect to the device and download the Zoom app to setup the video call.

So if you’d like to know more about this simple, cost-effective new product we’d be happy to show you more at IMS, simply contact us here for more details.