University of Sydney Leverages Zoom as It Faces Unique Challenges During COVID-19

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The University of Sydney has an expansive network of students, faculty, and researchers from all over Australia and the world, and the organization relies on video communications now more than ever to drive internal collaboration and deliver its curriculum to students.  

“At this time, we’re facing some really unique challenges that we haven’t faced before,” said Jordan Catling, Associate Director of Client Technology at the University of Sydney. “Our No. 1 priority is making sure that we can continue providing the highest-quality education during this time, and Zoom has been particularly useful in that aspect. Zoom provides us with a flexible set of tools to allow our organization to continue teaching, learning, researching, and working together no matter where they are.” 

The University of Sydney had seen a significant increase in the use of Zoom’s platform since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom’s cloud-based design and baked-in scalability has ensured it could handle these increases in demand and usage without any infrastructure changes or added management.  

“Over the past three months, we have increased our use of Zoom by over 20 times,” Catling said. “And it didn’t require us to do anything on our end to handle that increased usage. We didn’t need to quickly scale up or need to concentrate specifically on this platform to keep it running. Zoom has been scalable from the word ‘go.’ ” 

Zoom’s ease of use also makes it accessible to students, faculty, and administrators. “Zoom is very straightforward to use, which has been great for us from a support perspective,” Catling said. “It’s very intuitive and requires very little user guidance, so we can put it in front of just about anyone. Instead of the technology becoming the centerpiece of the meeting because it’s so difficult to use, we wanted the conversation and the collaboration to be the centerpiece of the meeting. Zoom enables that type of experience.” 

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